Yellow has a variety of elites that blend into the regular mass of units.

Flayed, Forgotton, Fallen

Flayed, Forgotten, Fallen


Flayed play a key role in your group of elites.  They greaty increase the damage output of your deathsquad. Flayed appear during reinforcements two at a time.


Forgotten are the tanks of your squad of elites and have the model of a roach.  They do 200 damage and can move when burrowed.  Use this ability to your advantage to surprise the enemy or have hidden vision.  Forgotten arrive two at a time.


Fallen are quick zerglings used to quickly trap heroes or groups of units.  They arrive twelve at a time and are key to stopping the Jehoel pain train.  Watch out for Metatron and Uriel.

Unit Info
Type Elite
Health 1500
Armor 20
Attack Damage 100
Attack Speed 0.5
Range 5
Speed 7.88(creep) 5.25(no creep)
Abilities Burrow

Unit Info
Type Elite
Health 2000
Armor 20
Attack Damage 200
Attack Speed 1.14
Range 3
Speed 4.55(creep)

3.5(no creep)

Abilities Burrow


Unit Info
Type Elite
Health 900
Armor 0
Attack Damage 70
Attack Speed 0.4
Range melee
Speed 10.5(creep)

7(no creep)

Abilities Burrow