The Iron Giant
Unit Info
Type Archangel
Shields 1500
Health 3000
Armor 50
Attack Damage 250 x 2
Attack Speed 0.94
Range 6
Speed 3.5
Abilities Cliff Walk, Hardened Shield, Imposing Height

Sandalphon is a super colossus who stands above the army.  His height provides vision and his shields can limit damage.  He is like you took an immortal and smashed it into a colossus.  Cool!


Sandalphon has only passive abilities that help support the army by providing vision.

Cliff WalkEdit

Cliff Walk allows Sandalphon to go up and down cliffs without the use of a ramp.  This is useful for getting away or getting up a cliff.

Hardened ShieldsEdit

Hardened Shields limit damage taken to his shields to 50.  This is useful to stop any baneling rushes that may come your way.  Be careful as the regular mass can quickly take down his shields.

Imposing HeightEdit

Sandalphon can see up cliffs with his large height.  This is useful if The Messiah has died and you still want to see up a cliff.