Everyone's favorite little buddy
Unit Info
Type Archdemon
Shields 1000
Health 3500
Armor 50
Attack Damage 500
Attack Speed Unknown
Range 4
Abilities Hallucination, Infernal Siege

Sammyazza is a powerful support demon belonging to Asmodeus. He is very useful due to the fact that he can increase the range of ANY allied ranged unit (except Azazel) using Infernal Siege. He can also create hallucinations of target units which can be helpful for blocking large heroes like Uriel. His main function is giving range buffs to Hellfires, increasing their range from 13 to 20. His base range is low, but is increased to average upon self-casting Infernal Siege. He is very powerful like Asmodeus, but is also very fast compared to him. Sammy and Moloch work very well together, as Moloch becomes very long-ranged when Infernal Siege is cast on him. Some heroes and units receive smaller range buffs (Default is increasing by one half of base range) like Astaroth, likely due to the fact that it would be too easy to snipe heroes with him. Asmodeus's range is increased by half of his ground weapon's base range, not his anti-air weapon's. He is very powerful on his own with good range (using Infernal Siege) and high damage, as well as the speed to escape if needed. Be careful, his shields do not have 50 armor like his life.