Devil's elites are mainly focused to be used during Beelzebub's Dark Swarm.


Behemoths are high damage ultralisks used to attack under Dark Swarm.  Behomoths are usually sent alongside Mammon through against Citadel and Heaven's Gate.  Behemoths and Mammon are very effective against Michael's army and the Enclave.

Tormented SoulEdit

Tormented souls are 1000 damage banelings that should focus large groups of enemies to maximize damage inflicted.  Tormented soul's can burrow and can be used as a trap for unsuspecting travelers above.


Harpies are melee units that have the ability to fly and a leap attack.  They are high damage but single target. Harpies are optimal to take out heroes and can fly to take out Nathaniel or Raphael.  Be wary or Chariots as they will destroy packs of harpies.

Unit Info
Type Elite
Health 3500
Armor 20
Attack Damage 175
Attack Speed 0.49
Range melee
Speed 6.82(creep) 5.25(no creep)

Tormented Soul
Unit Info
Type Elite
Health 1000
Armor 0
Attack Damage 1000

Vs Structure 2000

Attack Speed 0.83
Range melee
Speed 5.12(creep) 3.94(no creep)
Abilities Burrow

Structure Attack Explode

Unit Info
Type Elite
Health 1750
Armor 20
Attack Damage 250


Attack Speed 0.46
Range melee
Speed 6.71(creep) 5.17(no creep)
Abilities Fly

Leap Assault