Flying bunker
Unit Info
Type Archangel
Health 5000
Armor 50
Attack Damage Variable
Attack Speed Variable
Range Variable
Speed 4.2
Abilities Weapon Ports, Heal

 Raphael is a flying bunker that can hold units that shoot out.  His speed, extra defence, and flight capabilities greatly help any units inside.  He can also heal units to increase the sustain of Michael's army.  


Raphael has one active ability and one passive ability.  Raph has 100 energy total.

Weapon PortsEdit

Weapon Ports is Raph's main function of attack.  Raph can has a cargo bay size of 8, so he can carry 8 Warrior angels or 4 Firebats.  The units inside can shoot out of raph while moving, so they can get the extra speed and defence behind Raph.  

Commonly used tactics are to put 4 Cherubs(marauders) into Raph to get thier slowing power.  The slowing power of 4 Marauders can easily slow the Asta-ball enough for Mich's army to come in.  


A heal that heals 10? life for every 1 energy.  It can be auto casted to heal your troops and your allies, but auto cast will not target heroes.