Unit Info
Type Elite
Health 2000
Armor 20
Attack Damage 75

Vs Armored 100

Attack Speed 0.82
Range 6
Speed 4.81
Abilities Blink


Unit Info
Type Elite
Health 1500
Armor 20
Attack Damage 150
Attack Speed 0.86
Range 6
Speed 3.94
Abilities Concussive Shells


Virtues are stalkers with a 10 second cool down blink ability. Their most essential strength is their abiity to escape quickly with use of blink which will great prolong their life and use in a tank role, but can also be used trap heroes and snipe them like Sammy. Use caution, however, as it's still a good idea to preserve your elites, but take the chance if you can accept the losses. Virtues can hit both air and ground so you can target Asmo even if he takes off unlike your Cherubs. 


Cherubs are marauders that slow down targets.  Give 1-4 to teal so he can put them in Raphael to slow down heroes.