"Why does everyone hate me?"
Unit Info
Type Elite
Health 2000
Armor 0
Attack Damage 200(Siege)
Attack Speed 1.79(Siege)
Range 13(Siege)
Speed 5.12(creep) 3.94(no creep)
Abilities Mobile Mode

Siege Mode

Asmodeus's army relies heavily on a tank push forward to be successful.


Hellfire is the core of your push as they have long range and can keep Heaven's troops at bay.  Use the tanks for a slow push forward but never leave them unprotected.


Gargoyle's are have the Viking model and are useful to protect your tanks.  Dont run flying Gargoyles into White's Chariots as the splash damage will kill most of them very quickly.  Don't forget about the flying Gargoyle's abilty of Brimstone Bomb.  This is a 300 damage bomb in an area that can be used only once.  Use groups of Gargoyles to perform a fly by to destroy units that are too close together.


Golems are the damage takers of Asmodeus's army.  They do not do very much damage but they make for a good defense.  Golem's have hardened shields that maximize damage taken to 50 when their shields are still up.  Rotate the Golems without shields to the back and move the ones with to the front.

Unit Info
Type Elite
Shields 500
Health 3000
Armor 20
Attack Damage 55

Vs Heroic 105

Attack Speed 0.83
Range 5.5
Speed 3.98(creep) 2.06(no creep)
Abilities Hardened Shield

Unit Info
Type Elite
Health 1500
Armor 20
Attack Damage 100

Vs Light 150

Attack Speed 0.57
Range 7
Speed 5.13(creep) 3.94(no creep)
Abilities Fighter Mode

Unit Info
Type Elite
Health 1500
Armor 20
Attack Damage 100 x 3
Attack Speed 1.14
Range 4.5
Speed 3.94
Abilities Assault Mode

Brimstone Bomb(1)