The Messiah
The Messiah
Mr. Savior of the Universe
Unit Info
Type Archangel
Health 7000
Armor 50
Attack Damage 100 (150 vs Heroic)
Attack Speed 0.11

0.23 x 2

Range 3


Speed 2.97
Abilities Yamato Cannon

 The Messiah!

The Messiah has 2 regular attacks and a powerful yamato cannon.  His armageddon cannons have a range of 6 and attack speed of 0.23.  This is slower than his laser battery which deals the same damage but is close ranged(3) and shoots once every 0.11 seconds. The dps is roughly the same because his cannons shoot twice every 0.23 seconds.

However, the laser battery is superior in close ranged fights as it fires even if the Messiah is moving, similar to a diamondback.

The Messiah flies quite slowly compared to anything on the floor and can be easily fungaled.  Watch out for Abbadon.  However, 1v1, the Messiah is able to kill most of Hell's heroes except for Asmo.

Yamato CannonEdit

The messiah has a powerful yamato cannon that deals 500 damage regardless of armor.  The cannon has a cool down of 3 seconds and takes 3 seconds to charge and fire.  Therefore, it can be used every 6 seconds.  The Yamato Cannon takes 20 of the Messiah's 100 energy to use.  

It is a very powerful weapon as it has very far range and will still hit a target even if they move out of range when Mess is charging.  However, the Messiah has to stand still while charging and cannot cancel the ability once it is in use.

Some uses of the Cannon are to eliminate running away heroes, whittling down someone's health, killing tumors, or lureing enemy heroes.  The lure function of Mess's cannon makes it very useful to lure any hero not holding position.