Unit Info
Type Elite
Shields 250
Health 1000
Armor 20
Attack Damage 90


Attack Speed 1.14
Range 7


Speed 4.81
Abilities Holster Weapon

Unit Info
Type Elite
Health 3500
Armor 20
Attack Damage 100 x 4(Air)

105 x 2(Ground)

Attack Speed 1.71(Air)


Range 8(Air)


Speed 2.88

Unit Info
Type Elite
Health 1500
Armor 20
Attack Damage 70

Vs Heroic 100

Attack Speed 0.8
Range Melee
Speed 6.12
Abilities Sure-Footed

Lightning Field Start Stalking

Saints- Saints are the messiah's infantry attack force. They are mainly used in conjunction with the messiah and his heros. Saints are good for killing trapped heros,killing grigories, and holding chokepoints. Although by themselves they do not have a fast attack rate, in large groups they can be devistating.

Chariots- Chariots are the messiah's anti-air defense. They have longe anti-air range and do significant damage to repel air attacks and destroying grigories that wander to close to them in the ongoing battle of Heaven Besieged.

Predators- These are the last of the messiah's elites, and are mainly used for trapping enemy heros,blockading ramps, and a last resort to fend off banes and ultralisk. These are un-pushable units meaning that once they surround a hero there is no escape without blasting your way out through them. Their cloaking makes them even more suitable for sneaking up on heros and trapping them.