Hell has to conquer Heaven by destroying the Throne Of Heaven!

Asmodeus' ForcesEdit

Asmodeus has brought Hellfires from the depths of hell, to blast away at Heaven's walls and forces.  His General Sammyaza seeks to raise up havoc by extending the range of these tanks, and to Hallucinate the units of Heaven and Hell to trick heaven!  General Azazel burrows underground to strike at clumped up units that dare venture too far to attack the Hellfires.  Asmodeus' Golems seek to wreck havoc by having insummountable shields, seeking to hold any offense Heaven might be able to muster.  The Gargoyles have joined Asmodeus' fight, seeking to rule the skies of this new terrority known as Heaven.

The Devil's ForcesEdit

The Devil has brought his great swath of melee forces to the battle.  His General Beelzebub can throw an egg out which will protect these melee forces from the ranged attacks that Heaven has.  His General Mammon leads the charge into these swarms, demolishing anything Heaven has to defend with.  Satan also has Harpies that can fly overhead to snipe any of Heaven's flying heroes, or Tormented Souls that will suicide upon touching an angel, ensuring that Angel does not return.  Lastly, Mammon's friends, the Behemoths have come to stir up some trouble as well.

Astaroth's ForcesEdit

Astaroth is a bit more sneaky than Satan or Asmodeus.  His forces hide with his minions, coming out where least expected.  His Flayed look just his minions, and his General Berith is cloaked entirely with a wiked blade that deals massive damge to anything Berith decides to slice.  General Abaddon storms Heaven's weaker forces and Fungals it's heroes, so that Astaroth's poison can finish them off.  The Fallen have joined Astaroth's side, seeking to ambush and surround any unit that Heaven has sent too far.  Finally, Astaroth commands the Forgotten, which can move while burrow to set up a powerful ambush.


Moloch is an Archdemon all to himself.  He has no legions of minions to guard him.  He has no Generals to fight for him.  He seeks simply to make Hell's forces even better by making the Generals invisible, or by healing them, or, finally, by shooting powerful scourge into Heaven's flying units.

In the right hands, he is truly a force to be reckoned with.