Heero Kirashami is a special, invisible entity in Heaven Besieged that you should be extremely wary of. Heero Kirashimi is a status buff that grants its heroes 50% increased movement speed, 38% increased attack speed, and 25% increased attack damage.

One should especially be wary of the entity in the possession of Abaddon, as the snare of her fungal growth possesses 150% longer duration, giving every hero caught a guaranteed death.

Be wary if you see the status Heero Kirashami at significant positions - these buffs can make balancing impossible when given to important forces.

The LegendEdit

It is rumored that the status buff in question came about from a blessing from the great EYE himself. Apparently, some lowly, though skilled, player, upon discovering the existence of a "Master" rank, slavishly played hundreds of games over the course of a short two weeks and quickly became the first "Master" in Heaven Besieged. In return for this incredible devotion to Heaven Besieged, the great EYE bestowed upon this player a special code he could input at the beginning of the game that would grant the buffs listed above, a code that was encrypted into the game map itself with a cipher only the great EYE could comprehend. However, this code only came with adherence to one key principle; the player could never cut down on sleep, or the code, and his strength, would fail.

One day the unchecked growth of certain clans lead to great sadness welling up within this player. Though he had intended to unite all under his banner, he could not stand to strike down his children without striking down his own heart. He instead opted to sleep and protect the universe. Instead of his original self, an avatar of his very skill, combined with the nobler spirit, yet burning with righteous indignation, emerged and played in his stead. But greater threats threaten the universe, forcing the player to depart once more....


Join him or die