Weaker than you would expect
Unit Info
Type The One and Only
Shields 6000
Health 10000
Armor 150
Attack Damage 500 x 8
Attack Speed 0.86
Range 7
Speed 2.46
Abilities Mass Recall

Vortex Cloaking Field

  God is similar to the standard mother ship in abilites and slowness.  He is very powerful but can fall in combat.  Do not use him alone. 


God has a total of 500 energy with Mass Recall and Vortex both costing 100.

Mass RecallEdit

Mass Recall can effectively bring your troops down to God quickly.  This ability is nice but should not be used because your army should already be walking with God.


Vortex is an extremely powerful ability as it lasts 20 seconds and has a huge radius.  God is not affected by Vortex, but his army is. Use it to trap enemy heroes and stop them from attacking.  It is also helpful to unburrow beez if he is caught or catching asmo to stop kiting.  Vortexes can be stacked so that when one ends, another will pick up what left it.

You can make a wall of vortexs to impede any enemy movement and then take out a Hell Gate.

Cloaking FieldEdit

Cloaking Field is standard and cloaks any allies underneath.  This can be very helpful in stopping hero sniping when there are no Grigories around.


Use vortex's to trap enemy heroes and move your army in position.  Be wary of range boosted heroes as they can easily out range God.  Try and focus moloch down first as his scourges can deal massive damage.  

Try to kill Hell gates and their worm to stop a large amount of Mass. 

If you are new and God comes, please give it to a more experienced player.