The Bane of Astaroth
Unit Info
Type Archangel
Shields 1500
Health 2500
Armor 50
Attack Damage 150
Attack Speed 0.57
Range 7
Speed 3.94
Abilities Mystical Attacks, Force Field, Guardian Shield

Duma is a hero sentry capable of trapping non-massive units and providing a shield to cover allies.  Normally, Duma has regens 1 energy per second.


Duma has 2 active abilites and 1 passive one at his disposal.  He has a total of 100 energy.

Mystical AttacksEdit

Mystical attacks allows duma to pierce through both armor and Dark Swarm similar to Metatron and Uriel.

Force FieldEdit

Force Fields(FF's) are just like regular FF's as they last 15 seconds and impede movement of non-massive units.  They can be used to trap Asta-Abba ball as it contains no massive units.  It can also be used to stop Banelings, flow of mass, or a fleeing caster such as Abbadon or Sammyazza. 

Force Fields cost 30 energy to use and have no cool down.

Guardian ShieldEdit

Guardian shield creates a bubble around Duma that provides all allies with an addition 100 shield cap with passive shield regen of 10 per second.  This is very useful against regular mass and Abbadon's Razor Swarm as it negates almost all of the damage.

Guardian Shield stops Duma's passive energy regeneration and has a range of 4.