The Devil
The Devil
Unit Info
Type Prime Evil
Health 6666
Armor 50
Attack Damage 666
Attack Speed Unknown
Range 3
Abilities None

The Devil is the first of the three prime evils. He walked among the angels before being cast down for blasphemy and for questioning God's Judgement. As he fell he swore vengeance on God and all his followers. Thus waiting for the opportune moment of God's rest in order to begin his assault. Though he was no fool and with the realization he could not ascertain the throne of god by himself he immediately set out to recruit the other primes and their followers. For their day of vengeance would be swift, glorious and full of bloodshed.

Support: The Devil's role in Heaven Besieged is mainly that of support. Although the Devil himself is useful for sniping lower health heroes and key undefended defensive points his real power lies with BEELZEBUB and his elites. Since most of red's elites are melee Beelzebub's dark swarm is the key to victory for any devil player. Dark swarm protects any unit under the spell cast area from ranged attacks as long the cloud is active. As devil you must be very wary of invisible predators and the archangel ZADKIEL and all other melee units that can disrupt or take advantage of Beelzebub's dark swarm.