The player Jehoel's elite units are the Powers (zealots) and Seraphs (diamondbacks). The Powers are one of the few Heaven elite units effective under Dark Swarm, while the Seraphs possess a fast but weak attack with an incredible range of 7, ideal for sniping distant units.


Unit Info
Type Elite
Shields 1000
Health 1500
Armor 20
Attack Damage 75

2 attacks

Attack Speed 0.69
Range Melee
Speed 5.25

The Powers are basically just zealots. Like zealots, they tend to be quite tanky, able to absorb a fairly large amount of punishment. Their fairly thick shields mean that they can, to some extent, recover between Hell pushes while waiting ready for more action.

An interesting effect they have is that if left alone, a decent number of power (at least ten) will push back a stream of lesser demons on their own, though their health will whittle down over time. As such, they are effective at keeping lesser demons from forming a weak, but potentially lethal flank while the Jehoel-Metatron train is out flanking or attempting to kill a hero in enemy territory.

Another use for Powers is for countering Dark Swarm. Being melee units, they are able to help push back the hell mob. However, they tend to be ineffective if not aided by some melee hero to take care of major issues, and a few banelings can finish off a large number of weakened Powers. Between Mammon, the ultralisks, and the harpies, Powers should ideally not attempt to fight back for too long.

A third use for Powers, for Jehoel players who put Powers into their train, is to keep the Fallen occupied while the other units in the train, like Metatron and the Seraphs, escape.


Unit Info
Type Elite
Health 1750
Armor 20
Attack Damage 35

Vs Elite 55

Vs Heroic 75

Attack Speed 0.34
Range 7
Speed 5.25

Seraphs are the Diamondbacks from the Wing of Liberty campaign; they, like their main game counterparts, are able to fire while moving. They tend to be much less able to absorb damage or take it, but their benefits include high mobility due to their attack-on-the-move ability and long range.

Seraphs are almost always a main component of the Jehoel-Metatron train. Although they have low yet fast damage, with their long range they are able to target a distant Hell hero hiding among lesser demons. It is a bad idea to underestimate the attack power of Seraphs; it's best to think of their attack as fairly steady damage over a long range. However, their low damage output also means that they are very vulnerable to to lesser demons, often dying fairly easily when caught. They are especially vulnerable to the Fallen without support from Powers or Metatron.

Their attack-on-the-move ability also makes baiting targets easier; while the targets are drawn in by the Seraphs' long range, the Seraphs can flee while continuing to wear down the target.