"Why is my HP dropping 1K at a time suddenly?"
Unit Info
Type Stealth Melee Archdemon
Shields 10000
Health 500
Armor 50
Attack Damage 1000
Attack Speed 1.2
Range Melee
Speed 5.25
Abilities Permanently Cloaked

Berith!  He is one heavily shielded dt who can hit like a firetruck.  1v1, Berith is better than Zad and he comes with all your other units instead of being alone.  Berith's 1k dmg can shred anything on the ground.



Berith is Permacloaked as zad is but he does not possess the blinding light ability.  That would make him OP as he could be able to stun God as well as Abba.  Use Permacloak to get in close without people noticing and then go for the kill.


Berith can be extremely strong alone with his 10k shields and 1k dmg.  Remember that his shields do not have any armor so that there is no dmg reduction.  Use berith to help harass units outside of detection range but do not overuse your stay.  People tend to see their units dying fast and a little shimmer.  They will use scans so you should get a few hits off then back off. 

Berith is extremely useful under DS to hit enemy heroes without the repercusions of them hitting back hard.  Focus on Duma if you can as he can take a maximum of 5 hits from you if he is fully healed.  Berith is also great to take out buildings because he can deal massive damage.