The Benediction is one of the most important buildings in the game.

It is the Fleet Beacon on the left side of the map

The Benediction provides a shield in front of the final area of Heaven. Any of Hell's Elites or basic soldiers that touch or go across it will die instantly. Hell Heroes can pass through safely.

Importance for HeavenEdit

This building provides a shield across the final Heaven area. Your troops can pass through it, but Hell's cannot. Use it as a shield to escape from enemies that might overwhelm you. Or use it as a barrier to mass behind safely, and then charge out to attack a vulnerable spot.

Importance for HellEdit

Unless you destroy this building, you cannot assault the Throne effectively. It is on the left side, which means that Asmodeus(Orange) should concentrate on it. The Devil should probably support Asmodeus occasionally, if Uriel(Green) and Seraphiel(Purple) are powerful.

Killing this building is a priority.