"Oh, he was my main character?"
Unit Info
Type Prime Evil
Health 5000
Armor 50
Attack Damage 250
Attack Speed 0.47
Range 6
Speed 8.53(creep) 5.69(no creep)
Abilities Poison

Astaroth is your prime evil and has one of the highest dps in the game.  ~500 damage a second plus infernal poison can add up fast.


Infernal PoisonEdit

This Ability is very strong and adds a lot of damage to your arsenal.  It is added with every single one of Astaroth's hits.  Infernal poison does 300 damage over 40 seconds.  This may not sound like a lot but it stack up to EIGHT times.  Now the ability can do up to 2400 damage even after astaroth has left the battle.

Now if it stacks 8 times on your hero, it is doing a hefty 60 dmg per second for 40 seconds.  This can quickly kill a wounded hero who is far from heals.


Man, almost everything in Asta's army has this.  His is the run of the mill burrow, no moving, not a deep burrow.


These are strategies for Astaroth if he is alone.  Look to the main page for strategies as a whole.

Astaroth is one high damage hero.  His 250 dmg can hit two times a second.  Astaroth blends in with your mass but he is a little bit bigger.  A veteran player can see him out of the crowd but would have to really be looking for it.  Use Astaroth to hit and run and to wittle down Teal's forces gaurding the Enclave.  Astaroth alone on the bridge can reduce crowding by flayed and Abba.  Alone, Astaroth cannot kill any hero paying attention but he can kill marines, ghosts, and other elites quickly.  Hit them a few times and then switch so your infernal poison can do the clean up and kill them.