The King of Sexy
Unit Info
Type Prime Evil
Health 8000
Armor 50
Attack Damage 300 x 2 (Ground), 300 x 4 (Air)
Attack Speed Unknown
Range 6 (Ground), 8 (Air)
Abilities Lift Off, Imposing Height

Asmodeus is one of Hell's Prime Evils. As such, it is important that he be kept alive.


He has the most powerful Air attack of all of Hell's units, 1000 damage per hit. very good for killing the messiah. His range is also massive, even more so if buffed by Sammy. 

Asmodeus can see above cliffs with his Imposing Height. This can be used to get vision above the cliffs, so that Heaven's tanks and other defenders may be attacked from below. 


His anti-ground attack is not as powerful as one might hope. If Asmodeus gets surrounded, without many elites around, chances are he will die. His size also makes it a little difficult to quickly hide or run him away.